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How to Fix a Slow Running Toilet

Posted - 06/10/2012

Modern toilets need a specific amount of water – both incoming and outgoing – to flush efficiently. With age, calcium deposits build up in the tank and bowl, significantly reducing the volume needed to ensure proper operation. Your immediate reaction to a slow running toilet will probably be calling a plumber, but there are several simple steps you can try yourself to fix the problem. Make sure the water in the tank is at the right level. An insufficient amount of water causes slow and incomplete waste removal. You can adjust this by raising the float on the flush valve. The higher the float, the more water that enters the tank before the valve closes. Ensure that the flapper operates correctly. When you press the flush lever, this device opens and allows the proper volume of water to enter the bowel. A flapper that opens too slowly reduces the rate that the water flows into the base, causing poor flushing action. Water enters the bowel through a series of flush passages, located under the rim of the commode. Calcium deposits restrict the water flow in these passages and require removal. A small piece of wire is ideal for this chore. If you find your toilet still does not perform properly, it may be necessary to visit a professional Savannah Plumbing Repair company for assistance.
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